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Happy sir (Jatinder Singh) has been in the realm of physical training since 2001. His name comes among the glorified and top most professional physical trainers in India. The work profile of Happy Sir showcases an experience of 15 plus years. He has successfully worked with a variety of clients including renowned personalities from different professional terrains. He started his career as a physical trainer in early 2000, after a workful personal coaching stretch over of two to three years. His first concern was with Body Studio, Punjabi Bagh for 5 years. Then it extended to Ego, Punjabi Bagh for 1- 2 years, and Fitness Care, Punjabi Bagh for 2 Years. His trained list of celebrities include Anuj Sachdeva as well. Long experience in the physical training industry enables him to perceive the needs of clients quickly and sort out solution for it in minimum time. Jatinder Singh is well versed in weight management, modern yoga and aerobics, power lifting, general fitness training, strength and body conditioning, sports specific and functional training. His sole dedication to physical training earned him the status of most sought after physical instructor in India.

Jatinder Singh has a posture and philosophy which was forged by long expertise at work with different sects of clientele. He is calm, collected and comfortable at work with any types of clients. He is a fitness enthusiast in the main who loves to spend free time at sports endorsed activities.

Other trainers

Like Mr. Jatinder Singh all our trainers are experts, and passionate about gym and body building. We together form a good core of like- mined people to offer you personalized training in building body fitness. Each trainer in IWorkout is experienced in separate as well as multiple faculties related to body building, yoga, and other physical exercises.