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Facilities of I-work GYM

The facilities we provide at IWorkOut par excels our competitors in all levels of comparison. We are superior in terms of euipments, space, and recreation facilities. The comfort level of people who join us has given due importance at our organization in all respects. Here is a glimpse to some of the facilities offered in I Work Out.

Ideal main work out area

Our main workout area is beautifully designed, a fit in place with ultra modern free weights, and physical exercise machines. We have a good collection of various weight plates suiting to the needs of people. The area is fully loaded with barebells and other improved exercise machines.

Cardio fitness space

Here users can find different types of tools including stationary bikes, treadmills with modern facilities so on. All machines used here are kept in perfect working condition with audio visual displays. LCD TVS, and music systems are keenly placed to provide entertainment options for people who do activities here as well.

Room for collective exercises

Here we train people to be fit by offering power yoga, and aerobics sessions. A certified and expert trainer will be available here all the time to give you needed suggestions to perform kick boxing, yoga, and other muscle build classes. Your health, as well as safety is our major concern.

Special spaces to offer personal training

Here our members get the chance to meet special training. Instructions and individual attention is given to correct the food habits and work out patterns of members. This is extremely helpful for individuals in attaining fitness.

Separate changing rooms and other facilities

Being a modern gym, we maintain a separate changing rooms for men and women. Our members enjoy locker services, steam bath, and spa facilities for ultimate relaxation at I work out. All modern facilities make us a personal studio of its kind in the city.